Who we are

We are the team of mix of experts in education and cutting edge technology. Our mission is to

  • Make education interesting and easy.
  • Help the students to build strong foundation in Math and Science.
  • Enrich the learning experience and prepare the students to face the AI driven future.

We built hundress of Interactive models to give life to the figures and concepts of Math and Science Curriculum of CBSE,State Boards and SAT. Being web based models, Teacher and students can access them anywhere.

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How to interact with the models?

  • Models have sliders to interact with variables.
  • You can have 3D view of the 3D models.

Watch teacher interacts with the models in the class room. Students interact with the models in the computer lab of school. Students interact with the models at home/remote learning setup.

Static figure tranformed into Interactive Model

Girl in a jacket

Above is the snippet from text book.

Interact with model on the right by moving slider, Revolve the right angled triangle.

Proof of the Theorem made Interactive

  • Interact with the model in the right.
  • Change the radius by moving slider.
  • Change the length of tangents by dragging the point B.

Circle & tangents

The snippet is from Text book of CBSE Standard X.


Solving Height & Distance problem using Trigometric Ratio.

  • Change the Distance by moving the Slider on the left
  • Change the Length by moving the Slider on the left


What we do offer

Interactive Models

Give life to all figures and each concepts in the test books of Math and Science. It includes Curriculum for CBSE,State Boards and SAT.

Interactive Models Available everywhere

Interactive Models are web based so available via Internet. Teachers use them in the class room and students use them in Computer lab to review and in home for home work needs.

Personalized Quiz Bank

Wide range of Quizes built to validate the mastery. Quiz results are sent to teacher/parents.

Interactive Models

Few Samples from Hundreds

  • All
  • Probability
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Science


With cards

Kinetic & Potential Energy of Pendulum



Height & Distance problem


Proof of Trig Idendity




With Dice


Theorem on Prime Number

Biochemical Molecule



Drawing balls from bag


Relation Between coefficients & zeros of polynomial


Solving Quadratic Equation



Web 3



Frequently Asked Questions

  • We build models to simulate every concepts for High School Math and Science. Models provide controls on the variables.

  • Yes, every model comes with how to use video.

  • Yes, you can interact with models wherever you have internet connection.

  • Currently it available only for Schools. Your school can create account for you.

  • Subscription is available through Schools. Schools can create accounts for their students.

  • Yes, Personalized quiz bank built for each models.


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