Interactive models for Math and Science Concepts

Interact with them to believe how learning made easy
Technological Innovation in the class room
Enrich the interaction between teachers & students


Interactive STEM(Science,Technology,Engineering and Math)

"Always felt,when I was in my school class room, got to be a easy way to make the students understand any STEM concept in a interesting and easy way. As the result of my aspiration, built interactive and creative web models with the help of cutting edge technology.
My mission of this effort is to make the school learning process interesting and easy. Every students should understand the concepts which feeds them for their innovative imagination against memorizing"
Athi Shanmugam
Founder, 3i Academy
IIT Alumni 

Three Steps to master the concepts in Math and Science    

Watch it

Short video to watch how to explore the models. You can do the same by Do it yourself.

Do it yourself 

Interact with the models to master the concepts.

Take a quiz 

Varieties of questions to quiz you on the understanding of the concepts. 


“i throught it was another web video to watch but amazingly different experience in learning can interact with the concept and master the it with in few minutes. I took the quiz/SAT questions after interacting with the models and was able to answer correctly for all"”

Amitha S.

“After taking many coaching class, still I was not clear with the vertical and horizontal asymptoes and not able to answer hard quetions. I just interacted with the models on Vertical and horizontal asymptoes and couldn't wait to tackle any questions on this topic ”


“new learning experince. it has 3 components watch it, interact with it and take quiz. I did this 3 steps and took the test, no surpise, big differnce”

Miland A.


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